About evilo

evilo box pink and green notebooks stacked next to lemons - these A5 evilo checker notebooks are available for purchase individually or comes free with purchase of subscription boxes self care australia

We want to revolutionise the self care space

evilo box's aim is to revolutionise the world of self care by offering a modern, affordable alternative to traditional practices

Grace Weston - founder of evilo box and Psychology graduate creating DIY subscription kits for adults - self care ideas and self development plan with every box

Who is evilo box

We are an Australian business founded by Grace Weston, a Psychology graduate gone corporate. She struggled to enjoy traditional self care practices so began researching more creative solutions to fight stress and burn out, while promoting general wellbeing.

evilo box subscriptions | Featuring our January box DIY kit where we've partnered with Australian local business Craft Club for a beautiful rug making self care kist to promote personal development, self care ideas and mental growth

Why craft

evilo box recognises the positive impact craft and creative activities can have on overall wellbeing. Any creative activity that is directed toward a tangible goal has been proven to increase general wellbeing in all ages. The psychological boost associated with making something yourself can have a calming effect - no matter the result.

evilo subscription box self care australia contains a different DIY kits for adults every month - your monthly self care hamper is tailored to a self development plan for mental health self care, mindfulness and self awareness

Our boxes

In collaboration with small Australian businesses we curate bespoke DIY kits for our subscribers to explore - beginner friendly, goal orientated and including all the materials needed to get your hands on something other than your instagram feed.